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Mission: To empower women through beautiful, handcrafted jewelry that gives back to communities in need.

When I started Mad Dog Design Co., my purpose was to make beautiful jewelry for my friends and family to enjoy. I loved how something as small as a pair of earrings could transform my mood. The right pair of earrings could make me feel beautiful and powerful, like I could take on whatever the day threw at me. I realized that using my own two hands, I could make something that empowered women I love and make someone's day. 

As more and more friends asked for my earrings, I realized I could make this an actual business, which was so exciting! With that, I saw an opportunity to do even more through my work.

"Learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to the fatherless, plead the widow's cause." - Isaiah 1:17

The bible tells us multiple times to care for orphans and widows. It's not a suggestion, but a command. These earrings are made not only to empower the women who wear them, but also to empower overlooked and vulnerable communities.

Two of the charities that I regularly donate to are Neighborhood Hope and With You International. I do donate to other charities based on need and circumstances, but these two remain in my regular rotation! I've provided some information for you to learn more about Neighborhood Hope and With You: 

 Neighborhood Hope Charlotte, North Carolina

Mission: To model the love of Jesus in overlooked communities who deserve freedom from negative cycles

What this organization is doing in the city of Charlotte is truly incredible. They walk alongside underserved communities and exemplify the call to love your neighbor. Learn more about Neighborhood Hope here.

With You International Quito, Ecuador

Mission: to care for orphans, children, and families at risk in Ecuador

With You works to promote adoption, impact orphans living in institutions, and strengthen families at risk in Ecuador. I have done several orphan care mission trips with this organization and the work they are doing is so powerful! Learn more about With You International here.